Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Latest Hairstyle- Emo hairstyles

Emo word refers to the section of society who are very emotional and want to live there life in there own way, These group of people can be seen easily roaming around the streets. There hairs are very different and styled in an unique manner. Emo boys carry makeup beautifully especially eyeliner and mascara. Emo boys like to experiment with new colours and highlights in their hairs. Jet black in the base is the favourite colour of Emo boys and girls. Here are some of the styles for the Emo boys.

Emo boy with long hairs


Emo boy with short hairs


An Emo boy with a make-up


Emo girls also have certain styling of there own which makes them different from other girls. Skinny jeans, tight tops, weired accessories, shaggy hairs and fallen face are the few things by which you can identify a girl as an Emo girl. Lets have a look on some of the Emo girls.

Emo girl with small hairs


Emo girl with medium hairs


Emo girl with Long hair


Emo girl with shaded and highlighted hairs


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