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Are you looking for a style that is trendy, different and unique? Through the many styles that are available to choose from for your semi-formal event or even everyday hairstyle, the braided Mohawk can be created from short-medium, or even medium-long hair. Since you have been inspired by the style, you now need some instruction on how to be able to create the popular style.

First, ensure that the hair has been straightened and dried. Once the hair has been dried, or before the hair is going to be braided it is important to use a leave in conditioner that can be used to implement moisture into the hair, as the braiding within the hairstyle has been known to cause dryness. Since the dryness can cause damage to the hair, it is important to use these measures to protect the hair.

In order to complete the braided Mohawk style, it is important to be able to learn micro braiding techniques, or to work with a stylist that has training and experience while creating micro braids. Using micro braids, the hair is going to be woven up to the middle, where the hair is going to be left free to be placed in a Mohawk. This style can be easily completed – if you have the proper braiding skills. Section the hair before starting the micro braids to allow for the hair that is going to remain unbraided to form the popular Mohawk style.