Monday, May 11, 2009


BIG HAIR IS BACK THIS SEASONWhether your hair is curly or straight, you can give your roots a boost for some seriously sexy hair!Big, bouncy, glamous hair was the rage at this years Emmy awards. Its also been spotted all over the catwalks (Versace, Chanel, Michael Kors).Don’t be scared – this voluminous doesn’t have to bring back horrible eighties flashbacks. Instead opt for a more natural look –

Saturday, May 9, 2009


NATURALLY CURLY HAIRNaturally curly hair needs moisture to keep it healthy and looking beautiful, rather than dried out and frizzy. We're not talking about grease, but you should definitely be avoiding products with drying alcohol.Some curly haired girls will skip every other shampoo and just use conditioning rinses. You should shampoo at least once at week if your scalp is oily or if you have a