Tuesday, October 26, 2010

African American Children Hairstyles

It is a well-known fact that African American people have very strong, usually curly hair. Thanks to these characteristics there is an unlimited number of hairstyles that they can have. I am not talking about adults only; this is true in the case of children as well. Nevertheless we have to keep in mind that usually children’s hair is not as strong as adults’ hair. What could me more cute than a little girl with long hair? Nothing of course, but it is said that it is better for children to have short hair, because with time it gets stronger.
There are many different African American children hairstyles that are easy to maintain and they don’t bother the children in their everyday activities.

I have been searching for African American children hairstyles and I have found some that are very popular so I am going to share them with you. I believe that the most practical, convenient and comfortable hairstyle for girls is having braids. This hairstyle is good for both the children (since the hair will not fall into their face) and the hair (the braids prevent the damage caused by dust and entangling of the hair). To spice this look a bit up, girls can have bold beads as well. The bases of the hairstyle are micro beads, but it is made even more interesting by putting beads at the end of the braids. Partial cornrows could also be a great hairstyle for little girls. In this style only a part is cornrowed and the rest is let loose or tied up as a ponytail.


Simple twist can also be used with little girls. These can be told to be simpler braids, but they still look great and are easy to achieve. Those girls who have medium length hair can wear it back with barrettes. The advantage of this style is that barrettes come in many shapes and colors, so the style can be personalized. Ponytails have been one of the handiest solutions for a hairstyle since the beginning of times. It is still fashionable and it looks very good on girls no matter their age or how long their hair is.

There are some hairstyles that can be used both for girls and boys. For very young children it is good to have baby hair, which should be kept slightly longer and braids and cornrows should be avoided because the scalp of children is very sensitive. Before I mentioned cornrows, but I did not say that if they aren’t partial they can be worn both by girls and boys too. If the cornrows are longer the girls can tie a ponytail or make a bun. Dreadlocks can be also worn by both genders, but we have to make sure that the hair is healthy and that the ends won’t get tangled.


When talking about boys the easiest hairstyle to have is short. This style can also be worn like shaped crop. For those who like longer hair I can recommend medium curls.

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