Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wavy Hair Styles

Wavy Hair Styles
Wavy Hair Styles

Many people are breaking the traditions to sport trendy looks which makes them look different from others. Changing your hairstyle is the first step in changing your personality. There are various types of hairstyles which can be chosen depending on your personality, employment and hair type. It is very important that if you are going for a hairstyle change, you should consult a hairstyling expert so that you do not end up damaging your hair.

You can choose from straights, braids, layered or wavy hair styles depending on the type of your hair. Wavy hair styles are most suited for those individuals either thick or curly hair. These styles help you to attain an exciting look which would be definitely liked by others. Further, it is very easy to sport the wavy hair styles without even going to the stylist.

First, you need to apply water to your hair for some time and start applying some conditioner to your hair. You need to ensure that you do not apply it harshly, just apply it gently. After showering for few minutes, start combing your hair from the root to the tip. You can even massage your scalp which would help removing any traces of dandruff. Hot water should be avoided as it would not have the desired effect. You need to use cold water instead.

Afterwards, soak your hair using a towel, but ensure that you don't end up drying your hair completely. Then shake your hair so that the curls are separated which gives an elegant look to your hair. Any kind of serum needs to be applied to the hair avoiding the skin so as to prevent development of dandruff. You can apply your fingers to create any style which you like. Use of any means to dry the hair should be avoided and after this you can use a gel or a balm to help the hair to maintain the style.

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