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Mullet Hair Style

Mullet Hair Style
Mullet Hair Style

Billy Ray Cyrus is known for his music and his hair. Although his hair is quite normal today, there was a time when it garnered a great deal of attention and was the butt of many jokes. During this time, he sported a mullet, while wearing some very questionable outfits. Before you go out and ask for the Billy Ray Cyrus mullet hair style, you may want to read this article.

Billy Ray Cyrus is a musician and the father of Miley Cyrus. He is a one hit wonder, since he has only had one successful song throughout his career. Today, his daughter has become much more successful than him.

When Cyrus came into the public eye, he had a very unusual haircut: a mullet. The mullet is a cut that features long hair at the back of the head, short hair on the sides of the head, and short hair on the top of the head. Oftentimes, the hair on the top of the head is longer than the hair on the sides.

Cyrus has had several types of mullets. He has had a classic mullet where the sides were shaved down quite low, the top was only slightly longer, and the hair in back was quite long. He has also had a different type of mullet, where the hair on top, as well as the sides, is longer than usual. When he had this style, his hair appears to have been teased and is quite puffy.

Since having the mullet, Cyrus has been at the heart of many hair and music jokes. It seems that this cut has not done him any favors in the long run.

The mullet is no longer a popular hair style, but it still lives on. However, many of the people who sport this style now are wearing a modified version of it, rather than the original.

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