Monday, November 22, 2010

Long Blond Russian seeking American Woman

No, it's not what you think.  Russia has become a huge source of blond human hair extensions for our industry.  Under normal economic circumstances women would not cut their hair for money.  But these are not normal economic times.  Russian women have been selling their long tresses to make ends meet.  Most human hair that we use today comes from China and India, but that hair is always dark in color.  Processing this hair into blond takes extra time and money. But these were the only places to find human hair in the quantities that the industry needed.  Well, the Ukrainian women are now the gold standard of hair extensions.  In some areas of Russia the average wage is only $300 a month and the starting price of 16 inch length hair is $50.  This extra money can bring in some much need income.  But then there are some Russian women that cut their hair only because of a style change, going from a long braid or pony to a short bob.  Whatever the reason, if you are using golden honey blond hair in an extension it has probably come from a Russian beauty.

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