Friday, July 2, 2010

Celebrity Hairstyle & Haircut Picture Gallery

Avril Lavigne Hairstyles

Hair Style: Avril Lavigne looks fantastic with this very long hairstyle. Her hair falls long and straight. At the top towards the back, her hair is thick and built up high. Her hair from the sides have been brushed back and styled with the hair in the back. At the sides, she has long hair that has been left out.

Hair Cut: This haircut is very long.

Hair Colour: Avril's hair colour is honey blonde with pink highlights.

Suitable for
Face shapes: oval, heart, diamond, round
Hair texture: thin, medium
Hair density: medium

Techniques: blow dry
Products: hair spray, sculpture lotion, moisturizer

Avril Lavigne who was born in Ontario Canada quit school after the 11th grade when she got her first record deal. She is known for her punk-rock style music and her dark eyeliner. She first started pursuing country music but then changed over to what she does best. Her fashion is fun and cool. Her style of dress is exciting and retro. From pink hair to cool clothes she sets this fun trend.

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